Welcome to Academic Financial

Life. Each day it happens all around us. For some of us, it is exactly as we thought it would be. For others it takes an unexpected turn, and we say, “Well, this is not where I expected my life to be”. The beauty of the human spirit is this; whether life allows one to volunteer at the local theatre or life asks us to start over and rebuild at 50, we do!

At Academic Financial we understand our clients and what is happening in their lives. We listen, we laugh and we console our clients. We sit at kitchen tables and share stories. It is our desire to have our clients be financially prepared for the events of their lives. With financial goals in place, it is easier for our clients to do what they want – plant that vegetable garden, be a scout mom, and run a marathon. A marriage, a baby, a new home, a divorce – it is during these moments of life that we communicate with our clients and help them make adjustments. Just as life changes, so must a financial plan.

When you say “Bon Voyage” to your co workers, we want you to be thinking about those shiny sandals that are perfect for that dress you’ll be wearing on your retirement cruise.

Our Vision: We are committed to serving and educating our clients.  They share the purpose for their money and we help them build a foundation for their financial wealth.

Our Mission: is to be the premier financial services company in our area, serving women and the people they value and love.